Going to the bank for a loan was sooner!


Who still goes for a loan to the bank, it is your own fault!

Who still goes for a loan to the bank, it is your own fault!

Hard to believe, but true! There are still people who go to the house bank as before for a loan and pay much higher interest rates than necessary! Add to that that the customer’s bank loan is still treated as a petitioner! Why people continue to do this humiliation is hardly comprehensible! It is also completely incomprehensible that people who need a loan voluntarily pay higher interest than necessary! Especially people who are obviously in need of money and claim a loan, should not they?

Research and analysis by numerous independent agencies and consumer organizations come to the same conclusion: Loans via the Internet are demonstrably cheaper than at the branch bank. The reasons for this are clear: Internet banks can save expensive personnel, administration and building costs. The customer then benefits from these cost savings through cheaper credit conditions, ie lower interest rates! Another advantage: online loans are also available without credit bureau, which is possible thanks to the fact that foreign banks can offer loans in Germany thanks to the Internet. Foreign banks, such as Swiss banks, are not aware of any credit bureau .

Credit without credit bureau SME-Crediter research: Every month, the SME-Crediter team checks loans without credit bureau offers on the Internet. Here is the result of the loan without credit bureau ranking last month:

The Swiss voucher credit has been leading the ranking for loans without credit bureau for months. With a single online inquiry, the best loan offer from 20 banks from home and abroad, also credit bureaufrei, free offer, even on weekends, even for professional self-employed! 

Crediter is more than a normal bank!

Bon credit is more than a normal bank!

As a pure credit intermediary, Crediter works with more than 20 partner banks in Germany and abroad to determine the best loan offer for the customer. While banks have been facing tighter regulations since the financial crisis, Crediter is largely exempt from such constraints and can usually make the customer a better deal. This is especially true for the instant loan without credit bureau! 

Advantage over the house bank: Best offer of 20 banks – even without credit bureau!

Advantage over the house bank: Best offer of 20 banks - even without Schufa!

You want the best loan offer but you do not want to be a petitioner for 20 loan applications for your loan application and have to start over with your loan request each time? No problem! Crediter via the Internet saves the way to the bank! What’s more: going to 20 banks! Because Crediter takes over the credit negotiations with up to 20 banks for you.

The Swiss bank Crediter negotiates every loan request with up to 20 banks in Switzerland and abroad in order to present the best loan offer to the customer. Otherwise, if the customer asks a bank for a loan, they will only receive the offer from that bank! So to benefit from the same benefit, the loan seeker would have to audition at 20 banks! In addition, unlike the bank, Crediter also provides credit bureau-free loans. Further information: Crediter – Frequently asked questions! 

Warranty: Processing and quotation are always FREE!

Crediter is the market leader in Germany for instant loans with or without credit bureau information. Instant loans up to 100,000 USD are possible even if other banks have already rejected. The customer receives a free loan offer with or without credit bureau, also on weekends. There are also loans to the self-employed, entrepreneurs and traders.

Important note for people with credit bureau problems:

Important note for people with Schufa problems:

Often even with negative credit bureau a normal loan is feasible – another bonus credit advantage!

Anyone who still goes to the bank today as it used to be is itself to blame! Because he paid demonstrably too high interest! Often the loan is also rejected, for example, if there are negative credit bureau entries!

Of course, no bank reveals that loans are possible in Germany without credit bureau! Good that there are now many serious alternatives to the German banks!

Proven alternatives are lenders and banks from abroad, such as Switzerland. These include many online banks and credit intermediaries without expensive marble palaces and overpaid bank managers who offer cheaper loans via the Internet.

Our practical tip for people who still go to the bank:

Before you go to the bank, you should always get a free credit offer via the Internet, so you can compare! The comparison will show that Crediter is cheaper than the bank. You also have a good bargaining argument to obtain better interest rates or simply reject the bank offer. Because you already have the probably cheapest offer.

Everything else on the subject of credit bureau loans – Loans without credit bureau information find loan seekers in our practice guide loan without credit bureau comparison.

Only a few credit seekers know about the following facts:

  1. No detail: Do you know the difference between credit without credit bureau and credit despite credit bureau? More details: Credit without credit bureau or credit despite credit bureau?
  2. Important for people with credit bureau problems: A credit WITHOUT credit bureau should only ever be Plan B!
  3. Often a normal loan is possible, even if there are small credit bureau problems! More on this: Credit without credit bureau secret, the banks wisely keep silent!
  4. Crediter has been at the top of the Swiss credit ranking for months.
  5. With the credit without credit bureau formula can systematically save up to 30% interest!
  6. Unlike any bank, bon-loan loans are available as low as $ 200.

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