A loan in two: better conditions by opening a credit with your partner

Get better credit terms by taking out a mortgage with your partner, spouse or other family member. Generally you do not decide on your own to change your home furnishings or to buy a new machine. Likewise, you should not be alone in borrowing money. For joint credit openings, in fact, joint credit does not only take into consideration spouses, but also companions, boyfriends, relatives or even work colleagues. However, a joint request for credit only makes sense if both can count on a regular income: two debtors both employed with a permanent employment contract increase their solvency.To do this, it is important that neither of the two applicants has ongoing proceedings.The second debtor in fact increases the safety and solvency of the main debtor, in view, for example, of his possible bankruptcy.


If a partner is considered in the budget, you can get a larger credit at a lower interest.

credit loan

Even customers whose application is rejected because of too low an income can be accepted a new request if made jointly with a second debtor. With the second applicant’s additional income, the chances of the request being approved increase. From the beginning of the procedure you will be asked what the number of applicants is, so if you wish to obtain the credit together with someone else it is necessary to indicate it immediately. During the loan request, the data of both customers will be examined.


Who can get a loan and where should they go?

credit loan

Loans from an online operator such as MutualEarn Credit are often cheaper and also have the advantage of being easily identifiable and comparable with others. Enter the desired amount together with the loan term online and your interest will be calculated directly. Keep in mind, however, that the sum available does not correspond to the sum that you will actually have to repay: in fact, interest will also have to be calculated. So look at different offers and compare the final sum including interest. The interest that the person who receives the loan pays to the person who disburses it can also be indicated as the interest rate, and expresses the percentage value of the latter in comparison with the sum loaned.With an affordable loan you can make your dreams and wishes come true.

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