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Breckenridge crowds flock to see a wide array of vintage vehicles at the Show and Shine Car Show

This 1967 Volkswagen bus won the Custom division at Saturday’s Show and Shine Car Show on Breckenridge Main Street.
Photo by Hal Vatcher

BRECKENRIDGE – From a 1967 Mercury Cougar to a 1974 Pantera GTS to a 1967 Volkswagen bus, Saturday’s Show and Shine Car Show on the pedestrianized main street of the town of Breckenridge featured a motley assemblage of vehicles to engine almost entirely from Eagle and Summit counties.

The 31-vehicle show was hosted by the High Country Cars and Coffee Group, which competed with band members and others from Colorado High Country for the show in a demarcated area of ​​Main Street between the Gold Pan Saloon and The Canteen Tap House and Tavern.

The event took place on Walkable Main after event organizer Hal Vatcher hosted a previous event – a July 4th cruise around Breckenridge with custom cars. Vatcher said the Breckenridge tourism board came to see him, along with the High Country Cars and Coffee group, to see if they would host a car show as an additional amenity for Walkable Main.

The four classes of cars the group presented on Saturday were Vintage (pre-1973), American Sports Car, Foreign Sports Car and Custom. The Saturday class winners were a 1967 Mercury Cougar (Vintage), a 1969 Camaro (American Sports Car), a 1974 Pantera GTS (Foreign Sports Car) and a 1967 Volkswagen Bus (Custom).

Vatcher said he thinks it was the variety of cars that made Saturday’s show special. It was able to draw people to the BreckConnect Gondola and the surrounding parking lot, as the show was only half a block away.

“We had American muscle cars, American sports cars – Corvettes, Mustangs, Camaros. We had European sports cars, Porsches, Jaguars. And we had custom cars. One of the winners, the guy had an old bus, and he tied the top end of a Volkswagen car on top of a Volkswagen bus. Everyone was excited about it, ”Vatcher said.

Vatcher said he liked a few cars that didn’t win on Saturday. One was a GT 40 that a participant towed from Denver. He also admired a brand new Corvette.

“Just a nice car,” Vatcher said. “And there was a Lotus in the show that looked great. All these cars were spotless. And there was a local guy here in town, Bob Girvin, who had an old Jaguar, a 1960 Jaguar, a little white car. It must have cost a fortune to restore. It’s beautiful. “


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