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CaixaBank SA: consolidates its activity in South-East and Central Asia on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its representative offices in India and Singapore


CaixaBank International Bank

• The New Delhi and Singapore offices have market shares of over 30% in import and export documentary letters of credit and in guarantees managed between Spain and the region.

• From these offices, CaixaBank offers assistance in foreign trade, investment banking and business banking services in 16 countries in Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

CaixaBank celebrates its tenth anniversary of opening its offices in India and Singapore by consolidating its activity in Southeast Asia and Central Asia with market shares exceeding 30% in import and export documentary letters of credit and in guarantees managed between Spain and the region, comprising 16 countries.

In Singapore, CaixaBank posted record market figures for the bank. At the end of October 2021, the representative office in Singapore held a market share of 34.5% in Export Documentary Letters of Credit, 29.8% in Import Documentary Letters of Credit and 33% in guarantees managed between Spain and countries covered by the office. .

On the other hand, in India, where CaixaBank has a representative agency in New Delhi, the bank held a market share of 33.1% in Export Documentary Letters of Credit, 33.6% in Import Documentary Letters of Credit and 39 , 5% in guarantees managed from the end of October 2021.

CaixaBank in South East Asia

CaixaBank has been operating in Singapore since 2011, as part of its commitment to be present in the world’s main financial hubs. This representative office provides support services to CaixaBank client companies in their foreign trade and investment activities in 11 countries in the region: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Brunei and South Korea.

During its 10 years of activity in South East Asia, the office has participated in several flagship projects carried out by Spanish companies in the infrastructure and service sectors. It has local contact points in most of the sectors in which Spanish companies are interested and has an extensive network of correspondent banks in the region. CaixaBank is a benchmark bank in the trade finance programs of the Asian Development Bank (AfDB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

CaixaBank in India

CaixaBank opened its representative office in New Delhi in 2011, and since then has strengthened its relationship with the country with the signing in 2016 of a collaboration agreement with the State Bank of India (SBI), making it a strategic banking partner for CaixaBank in the region.

This representative office in India provides foreign trade and investment services and assistance to CaixaBank’s business clients with interests in the region, as well as Indian companies. It also provides services from the New Delhi office to other neighboring countries, such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Maldives.

During its 10-year presence in the country, CaixaBank has participated in several projects carried out by Spanish companies in the sectors of infrastructure, energy and services, among others. In terms of sustainable financing, the financing transaction concluded in 2018 to install 30 wind turbines in a wind farm in the Tamil Nadu region stands out. This wind farm supplies this region in the south of the country with energy, and it contributes to the revitalization of the local economy and job creation, by favoring the hiring of people in vulnerable situations.

The international presence of CaixaBank

CaixaBank’s international presence is channeled in different ways: through its International Banking network of branches and representative offices, all over the world; through cooperation agreements with leading international banks; and with holdings in international companies. The financial institution owns the Portuguese bank Banco BPI, the fourth largest financial institution operating in Portugal in terms of assets.

CaixaBank’s International Banking offers support to clients of the branch network, CIB and Business Banking who operate abroad, as well as to large local companies, thanks to its global reach with more than 150 professionals, 27 points of international service and agreements with more than 1,760 correspondent banks.

CaixaBank’s CIB & IB network includes branches in Germany, France, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, all except Portugal authorized by the Spanish and local regulator to provide certain services. financial related to financing and banking services, such as short and long term financing, factoring, reverse factoring and other similar activities within this scope.

The institution also has 18 representative offices on five continents: Milan (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey), Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), New Delhi (India), Cairo (Egypt), Algiers (Algeria), Johannesburg (South Africa), New York (USA), Santiago de Chile (Chile), Bogotá (Colombia), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Lima (Peru), Sydney (Australia ) and Toronto (Canada). It also has two Spanish Desk teams at Erste Bank in Austria (Vienna) and Inbursa in Mexico (Mexico City), to serve CaixaBank’s commercial clients in these markets.

Representative offices offer advice to multinational companies with subsidiaries in Spain, as well as to Spanish companies with projects abroad. Its main areas of coverage include trade finance, payments, business and project finance.

CaixaBank’s international banking network is the only AENOR certified international banking network in Spain.

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