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Get low ping with almost no latency


PUBG enthusiasts can rejoice as WorldLink is testing CDN server for PUBG in Nepal. Nepal’s largest ISP has partnered with Tencent to install CDN servers in Nepal, which allows maps to be loaded faster, including gaming environments. Prior to that, WorldLink had also configured CDN servers for TikTok in Nepal.

“Ping times” are often discussed among gaming communities to refer to the poor online gaming experience. This follows the rise of CDN gaming. The concept of CDN (Content Delivery Network) gaming is relatively old. For example, one million users requesting the next game patch is enough to wreak havoc on the main server.

Network latency is inevitable in the global gaming community. To understand this, you can imagine a user who is a few miles away and another user who is several thousand miles from the server. The latter will most likely experience latency. Of course, there are other reasons as well, including network congestion and slow Wi-Fi connectivity.

PUBG CDN server in Nepal

With an Internet service provider – WorldLink in our case – adding a CDN with a high-speed infrastructure, data won’t have to travel many miles. Keep in mind that network latency is usually the result of traffic being redirected from its own network to a server.

When a CDN is closer to the user, the hops required to reach a destination are reduced, as is the ping, although a bad ISP or low speed will do the opposite.

WorldLink has just completed testing two of the CDN servers for PUBG so far and more will be added in the future, which is great news for all PUBG players in Nepal. Getting a “chicken dinner” is tastier than ever.

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