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Hampshire to support Nepal relief efforts in Corona virus crisis


NEPAL, the 43rd poorest country in the world according to Global Source 2021, has been hit by a major wave of coronavirus and is in desperate need of personal protective equipment.

Hampshire County Council has agreed to support this urgent request in a mutual aid effort.

Councilor Keith Mans, Head of HCC, accepted the request made by Rushmoor Borough Council on behalf of the leaders of the Nepalese community living in Hampshire.

At the decision day meeting on July 8, HCC said it would issue PPE from the warehouse and distribution center that Hampshire established when the local healthcare and care sectors experienced a shortage of stock.

With supplies now stable and a significant drop in demand for access to the warehouse, there is an excess amount that may not be used until its expiration date in the spring of 2022.

Councilor Mans said: “The municipality of Gorkha in Nepal has been badly affected and its health system is operating at full capacity.

“We have strong ties with the Gurkha community in the north of the county and recognize the long-standing connection that the people of Rushmoor have with this region of Nepal, due to the military ties linked to the fact that Gurkha regiments are based in Aldershot. and its surroundings.

“We’re in a position to help, and it’s the right thing to do, so I’m not shy about giving the green light. I’m sure the people of Hampshire will agree that it’s better to use any surplus wisely than to hold onto stocks and risk them becoming obsolete.

“Providing much-needed masks, gloves and gowns will make a positive contribution to urgent relief efforts on the ground in Nepal, where nearly a third of the population lives in poverty and destitution. ”

HCC will maintain a crucial supply of PPE on behalf of the County Local Resilience Forum, a multi-agency partnership made up of emergency services, the NHS, councils and other agencies responding to civil emergencies.

Nepal has recorded 9,607 deaths from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

The country has 28.6 million inhabitants.

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