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Life in a pickle | Nepali time


A year later, in 2018, she set out on her own to create her own brand of pickles LaKaC. The business took off and she called her husband back from Dubai.

Initially, Bhesh Raj admits he was embarrassed to be involved in the business. When they set up stalls at local market fairs, he would stand in a corner and stare at his wife. Five years later, he’s the one taking the lead, bringing the pickles to market and planning the company’s expansion.

“I was a migrant worker for 22 years and all I knew was how to do 12 hour shifts, go back to the dorm and repeat that daily cycle. Once I saw how much customers enjoyed our pickles, it motivated me to get more involved,” says Bhesh Raj, who fully credits his wife for motivating him and giving him the opportunity. to learn.

LaKaC offers a range of 21 varieties of sweet and savory pickles, including that of akbar, lime, mangoes and mushrooms. The business has grown and the couple have rented a shop along the highway and deliver the products to Palpa, Bhairawa, Butwal and further afield. The monthly turnover now exceeds Rs300,000.

What sets this company apart from other pickle companies is that the Giris also ensure that the spices and raw materials used are of good quality and meet hygiene standards. Those who visit the Shankarnagar shop have the opportunity to taste the pickles before purchasing.

In 2019, Parbati was nominated among the top five in the Mayor-Daayitwa Rural Business Acceleration Program and won a prize of Rs 50,000. LaKaC also won an award from a local cooperative.

She credits Daayitwa with training to develop business plans and strategy, as well as to communicate with the community.