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Living with Climate Anxiety | Nepali time


Still, many young people continue to fight. They do so despite the mental and physical cost that comes with their activism in the street, fight for a better future when they should be enjoying their lives to the full.

I don’t consider myself a climate activist. Despite the dedicationng my career at climate action, I also live with climate hypocrisy because, despite my largely sustainable lifestyle, I travel the world and have benefited from the largesse provided by fossil fuels.

Deep inside me, I know that the carbon credits I buy to offset my emissions are not very important: representing self recognition and a pat on the back gesture For myself. My climate hypocrisy probably fuels my climate anxiety even more in a vicious circle.

My climate anxiety is here to stay. And until there are structural changes in the transition of our economies, my climate hypocrisy is also here to stay.

If you’ve read this this far, you’re not alone. Talking about it and writing and working on the climate regularly, connecting with like-minded people, admitting double standard in response to the climate emergencyand spend time in nature help me overcome my anxiety, and keep my hope for the future living.

Rastraraj Bhandari to contributeare regularly in Nepali times on climate change.

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