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Nearly 200 people die in India, it rains in Nepal


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New Delhi (AFP)

Experts say they have fallen victim to the increasingly unpredictable and extreme weather conditions that have hit South Asia in recent years, caused by climate change and exacerbated by deforestation, dam construction and over-development. .

Nepal recorded the largest increase in casualties, with authorities saying 88 people have died, including a family of six including three children whose home was destroyed by a sudden avalanche of earth and debris.

“All the district disaster management committees have been actively working for the rescue and relief operations. Under the committee, Nepalese police, armed forces police, Nepalese army and other agencies have been mobilized,” said emergency manager Dijan Bhattarai.

In northern India’s Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, 55 people were confirmed dead on Thursday, five of whom were from a single family whose home was buried in a massive landslide.

Many bridges and roads were damaged and many towns were cut off, and the army was mobilized to restore contact and reach thousands of stranded people.

Secretary of State for Disasters S Murugeshan said the death toll could rise further, with a number of people still missing, including 20 tourists who trekked on a glacier.

Five people were killed in the state of West Bengal, in eastern India, including two girls aged eight and ten from the same family swept away by heavy rains in the hills of Darjeeling and other districts.

“Mud, rocks and water rushing down the hills of Darjeeling damaged nearly 400 houses and several thousand people were evacuated from swollen rivers in the foothills,” the disaster management minister told AFP. , Javed Amhed Khan.

“Several hundred tourists are stranded in the resort town of Darjeeling … Landslides have blocked highways and roads in the region,” he said.

The Met office has issued a red alert for the state, warning that extremely heavy rainfall will continue Thursday in Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Alipurdur.

In Kerala in southern India, where 42 people have died since last week, the meteorological department has issued warnings of heavy rain in at least three districts of the state after a respite in recent days.

Flooding in the state adjacent to the Arabian Sea – which scientists say is heating up – have rekindled memories of 2018, when nearly 500 people perished in the worst floods in a century.

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