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Nepal – COVID-19 Response Situation Report No.10, August 3, 2021 – Nepal


National context

• The prohibition orders issued by the authorities in the Kathmandu Valley are valid until August 4 without substantial changes despite the recent increase in COVID-19 cases.

• The number of infected people admitted to hospital is gradually increasing in most parts of the country.
The intensive care units of most hospitals treating COVID-19 patients are operating at full capacity in the valley.

• As the number of COVID-19 cases increases, the COVID-19 Crisis Management Committee Center (CCMC) has focused on ways to effectively execute mechanisms to control the ongoing spread. At the July 30 meeting, the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) presented a proposal to apply a “smart lockdown,” whereby districts will be classified based on their COVID-19 status and measures restrictions will be applied accordingly. .

• The MOHP has also ordered to ensure the stock of at least 1000 bottles in each province.

• Nepal has reported a new Kappa mutant of the COVID-19 Delta variant. It is said to be more deadly than mutants detected before and is likely to infect people of all age groups. The MOHP urged all people to take extra precautions and follow health safety standards to avoid possible infection with this virus.

• The government administers the Vero Cell vaccine and Johnson and Johnson. As of August 2, 4,163,251 people had received their first injection and 2,000,211 people had received both injections of the COVID-19 vaccine in Nepal. (Source: MoHP, UN, Media)


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