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Nepalese army provides 300 sets of weapons to Nepalese police – myRepublica


KATMANDU, July 5: The Nepalese army today provided 300 units of weapons to the Nepalese police. The weapons were handed over by Army Chief of Staff Purna Chandra Thapa to Inspector General of Police Sailesh Thapa at a special event held at Nepalese Army Headquarters in Kathmandu.

The weapons which include the INSAS, the SLR and their bullets and spare parts were handed over to the police in accordance with the decision taken by the cabinet on May 30. in three phases.

According to the military, the remaining weapons will be handed over to the police by April 2021.

A document of agreement was exchanged between Colonel Rajendra Mani Giri and Chief Police Superintendent Deepak Thapa during the event. The event was also attended by Army Lieutenant General Prabhu Ram Sharma and other senior military officials.

The weapons were requested by the police for training purposes and for the safety of important and very important people, vital government facilities and mega-events. The army will also provide training to police personnel in the maintenance and operation of weapons.

The weapons supplied to the police will be used to maintain peace and security within the country and to increase the capacity of the police force. Army spokesman Santosh Ballabh Poudel informed that the relief weapons have been provided in accordance with the government decision in response to the police request.

Earlier on July 29, 2020, the army had provided 600 units of INSAS weapons to the police.

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