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Nine Udemy Courses for Nepalese Business Students


Online education has taken the world by storm and opened countless doors for students.

An online learning platform, Udemy is a website with over 155,000 courses on topics ranging from art and graphics to public speaking and financial management. The education market is full of video lessons that you can buy at a reasonable price. As Udemy courses are behind a paywall, direct payment can be a problem for Nepalese students. But Nepal Rastra Bank now allows Class “A” and “B” commercial banks to provide prepaid dollar cards for online transactions. You can also contact various service providers on social media who can help you access the online courses.

This week, ApEx brings you three Udemy course recommendations, each of three business and finance instructors teaching at various colleges in Kathmandu.

Amit Shrestha, Professor of Finance at the University of Pokhara and Professor of Financial Accounting and Reporting at British College

Financial planning and analysis: establishing a company’s budget by 365 careers

With a rating of 4.6, this 3.5 hours Classes starts with the basics and then builds on topics such as forecasting revenue, planning costs, developing working capital, deferring fixed assets and calculating cash flow. The course is self-paced and structured with 25 downloadable resources.

Mergers and Acquisitions – M&A, Business Valuation and Sale by Jon Colley

The lesson aims to improve students’ understanding of business valuation, management buyouts, negotiation and condition sheets, and to gain insight into the selling process. This seven-hour corporate finance course includes 73 downloadable resources.

Technical Analysis 102: Secrets of Trading Revealed by Luca Moschini

These four hours Classes Gives you insight into the global stock market, market direction and market cycles that affect price action. It also informs you about consolidation models and how frequency transactions work.

Prakash Sapkota, Professor of Finance at St. Xavier’s College, of Strategic Management at Shanker Dev Campus, and of Finance and Entrepreneurship at K&K International College

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 lessons in 1 by Rob Percival and Daragh Walsh

This 22.5 hours Online course includes 351 lectures, 21 articles and a downloadable resource and covers the fundamentals of digital marketing with live demonstrations and examples. With tips on increasing traffic to your favorite media and increasing the number of subscribers, you can build an online business from scratch. The course has a grade of 4.5 from over half a million students.

Financial Modeling for Startups and Small Businesses by Evan Kimbrell and Symon He

For entrepreneurs who want to learn more about financial modeling for startups, this course helps you understand model user growth, expenses, revenue, and attrition, and forecast your business cash flow requirements. Aimed at beginners, it has a defined course framework with 80 lectures, two articles, 76 downloadable resources and 11.5 hours of content.

Ecommerce & Marketing course: Agency, Marketer, Affiliate by Rad Group and Pouya Eti

This course covers basic topics such as analyzing online traffic, building an interactive website and social media marketing, designing powerful funnels to drive sales, analyzing customer characteristics, designing of e-commerce structures and the sale of products online. With 51 hours of content, 362 lectures, 19 articles and 15 downloadable resources, the course is easy to follow and understand even for beginners.

Ruchin Singh, former professor of marketing at St. Xavier’s College

A full MBA in 1 course by Chris Haroun

Considered one of the most comprehensive and outstanding courses on the website with over 300,000 students, this course by Haroun consists of 82 lectures totaling approximately eight hours and simplifies the concepts behind business, accounting, and finance. Applauded for his interactive sessions, his market analysis presentation, and for giving students insight into topics such as corporate finance, venture capital, rapid networking and the value of communication skills, he this is one of the most coveted courses on the internet.

Social Media Marketing – Full Certificate Course by SO ME Academy

In the age of small business owners who adorn our social media, this course talks about how you can use social media, not only for marketing, but also for public relations and customer service by understanding the fundamentals of media. Find out how to build a social media strategy, audit organizations, and how content marketing can help you increase your sales with 14 downloadable resources and 75 conferences.

Microsoft Excel – From beginner to expert in 6 hours

Many of us tend to underestimate the features that Microsoft has made available to its users. With that Classes, you can start with the basics of Excel and then move on to the advanced features that only a few know about. With a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor with over 15 years of experience, you can learn how to create Excel project files, Excel templates, create passwords to protect your documents, collect data on the web, and create forms. online to collect data.


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