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NTA to survey the quality of fixed broadband internet in Nepal


NTA is conducting a nationwide survey on the quality of fixed broadband Internet service with a consulting service. The QoS survey will help to reach customer perception on services and service providers in all provinces.

By issuing a notice today, the Telecommunications Authority invited businesses / businesses eligible for an expression of interest to complete the survey.

This survey will be holistic and will cover the whole country, in the 7 provinces, with 3 different packages.

The NTA Internet survey will make it possible to access, measure and analyze the quality of service of fixed broadband Internet services across the country.

The consultant must submit his EoI within 15 days or before January 9 at 00:00. The NTA says this survey could also include broadband projects running on RTDF.

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Objectives of the NTA Internet survey

The NTA Internet survey will assess the state of fixed broadband Internet services provided by different ISPs in different districts. Likewise, the assessment will help “identify Internet service quality issues and a possible recommendation after actual measurement.”

In addition, the collected data will help to “increase the quality of the standard service and it also aims to get different recommendations for different districts”. Likewise, a consumer satisfaction survey will provide the current status of operator services and identify consumer perception.

The survey will look at various Internet service KPIs in its report. This includes speed, maximum speed, latency, download and upload jitter. Likewise, it will collect data on average latency and jitter and browse delay.

In the meantime, the survey will be carried out with variable parameters according to the provinces. The NTA has also developed a set of questionnaires that will reflect the service a customer receives from their ISP.

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The survey to ensure quality service

The Internet is now an integral part of our life. And paying customers deserve the service they pay for. Moreover, the Nepalese Internet speed war is spiraling out of control. ISPs are introducing 3 digital packs for a possible 1 Gbps, but the question of service remains in doubt. In it, such a survey could serve as an essential tool to assess and ensure a quality service for consumers.

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How would you rate the internet service you are currently receiving from your ISP? Would you rate it Satisfactory, Moderately Happy, or Unsatisfied in terms of speed, latency, and jitter? Share with us in the comments.

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