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Paul Pierce offered $ 250,000 through adult website to host NBA show featuring exotic dancers


Monday, ESPN has parted ways with NBA analyst and Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce. The 10-time NBA All-Star has been fired by the broadcast giants after hosting a controversial Instagram live session over the weekend. The video captured the drunk 43-year-old man with scantily clad women around him and his friends as they played poker.

Pierce also posted a photo of himself smoking what appeared to be marijuana. However, immediately after Pierce was sacked by ESPN, Adult cam site CamSoda offered the NBA legend a six-figure deal to work with them on an NBA show featuring exotic dancers. The CamSoda chief has revealed he’s ready to offer Pierce $ 250,000 to host the unique NBA show. You can also visit other adult cam site like LiveCamLink

What happened to Paul Pierce: career and sacking of Paul Pierce ESPN

Paul Pierce played 19 seasons in the NBA, spending 15 years with the Boston Celtics, one season each with the Nets and Wizards before retiring after two years with the LA Clippers in 2017. Following his retirement, the MVP of the 2008 NBA Finals and Champions worked as an analyst at ESPN. The NBA icon was a regular on ‘NBA Countdown’ and ‘The Jump’.

However, last weekend Pearce made headlines for posting Instagram Live videos of himself and was seen receiving a massage from a woman while another danced behind him. Pierce also drank and smoked with others in the background as money was thrown away. Monday, ESPN then announced Pierce’s sacking, with some fans pointing out that the content on his feed was inappropriate.

Paul Pierce Instagram video lands unique job at NBA legend

Shortly after his ESPN Fired, the former NBA star took to Instagram and posted his IG Live video, thanking fans for his support. He posted a simple four second video that read “Smile”, with the message “Big things are coming soon, stay tuned, be sure to smile #Truthshallsetufree.” Now, it looks like Pierce got it right in approaching his future, as his IG Live video has caught the attention of other companies interested in his services.

On Tuesday, CamSoda, an adult cam website, wasted little to no time pitching. Daryn Parker, vice president of the company, released a statement offering Pierce $ 250,000 if he was ready to host an NBA show with exotic dancers in the background. At the end of the letter, Parker also congratulated Pierce on IG’s live broadcast last weekend. Pierce took to Twitter to respond once he received the offer, but has yet to announce his decision.

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