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Rahul Gandhi in Nepal, Congress says, is not cutting the cake with Nawaz Sharif


Rahul Gandhi is in Nepal to attend a friend’s wedding, Congress said.

New Delhi:

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Nepal for a friend’s wedding sparked a barrage of tweets on Tuesday from the BJP and its supporters, many of whom shot the politician for attending a party while criticizing the government over social networks.

Congress, however, hit back, saying it was not yet a crime to visit a friendly nation to attend a friend’s wedding, and it was much less egregious than Prime Minister Narendra Modi making a surprise visit to the marriage of the daughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. in 2015.

“Rahul Gandhi did not go to Pakistan as an uninvited guest like Prime Minister Modi to cut a cake with Nawaz Sharif, and we know what is happening in Pathankot,” Congress spokesman Randeep said. Surjewala during a press briefing.

“Rahul Gandhi went to Nepal, a friendly country, to attend a journalist’s wedding. There is nothing wrong. It’s a matter of our culture. It’s not a crime. Maybe that PM and BJP will soon decide that it is a crime to attend weddings of friends and family members,” he added.

He was responding to tweets from BJP leaders like Amit Malviya who posted a video of Rahul Gandhi in Nepal.

BJP leader and Bihar minister Syed Shahnawaz Hussain mocked Mr Gandhi, saying “he is busier in parties than running his own political party”.

“Nothing can stop Rahul Gandhi from having parties. He is more involved in parties, rather than leading his own party. We work for our political parties, but he attends parties,” Hussain said.

Some also tweeted their support, saying Mr Gandhi was entitled to his private time.

Rahul Gandhi arrived in Kathmandu on Monday accompanied by three other people, the Kathmandu Post reported on Tuesday, citing two security sources.

The congressman is in Kathmandu to attend the wedding of his Nepalese friend Sumnima Udas, a former CNN journalist and now executive director of the Lumbini Museum.

The wedding is scheduled for Tuesday and a reception will be held on Thursday, the newspaper reported.