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SkyPrivate First Live Adult Entertainment Company To Adopt Layer 2 Technology – zkSync – For Crypto Payments


| SkyPrivate TeamPress release

Private Sky, known as a fintech solution in the adult industry, becomes the 1st company in this niche to offer models a Layer 2 payment solution via zkSync technology.

The heavy congestion on the Bitcoin network – resulting in spikes in transaction fees and delayed payments – is what prompted them to look for a Layer 2 scaling solution in the first place.

Since less stuff on the chain would automatically translate into faster transactions and lower fees.

But why zkSync?

First: UX. Being both a pioneer and an advocate for crypto adoption, SkyPrivate searched for a solution that would determine even more models to start choosing crypto payments.

For this to happen, they knew the new payment option for Layer 2 had to be very easy to use, super intuitive, and error tolerant.

Fortunately, zkSync is perfectly compatible with any Ethereum wallet and offers a lightweight experience. It is as end-user centric as it is developer friendly.

Secondly, real-time operations were a deciding factor. SkyPrivate promises 24-hour Bitcoin payments to its models and studios, a promise they were sometimes unable to keep due to network congestion.

But using zkSync as a Layer 2 scaling solution means instant confirmation of transactions, fast completion (in minutes), and withdrawals to Layer 1 in up to 15 minutes.

security is another factor: storing funds in a zkRollup is as safe as saving them in layer 1.

Last but not least: it is the lower transaction fees, which are designed to stay low over the long haul.

Lower fees which are now reflected in the minimum balance required for L2 payments on SkyPrivate: it has fallen to $ 50.

Now, the fact that it was the first company in the adult space to break the ice and jump on the trend of using Layer 2 technologies for its crypto payments before it even became a trend, doesn’t is not surprising.

Why? Because SkyPrivate is already known as a disruptive business in the adult niche:

  • One of the very first webcam sites to offer Bitcoin payments
  • The only company in the adult industry to create user-friendly payment tools in addition to existing communication channels such as Skype, Discord, Telegram
  • The live cam site with the most impressive collection of crypto payment methods: Bitcoin (Layer 1), Ethereum (Layer 1 and Layer 2), USDT and USDC L2 payments

And apparently, the list of “firsts” doesn’t end there.


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