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Turkey tightens visa policy for Pakistani nationals


April 29, 2022 4:58 p.m. STI

Islamabad [Pakistan]April 29 (ANI): A few days after the discovery of the involvement of some Pakistanis in the kidnapping of four Nepalese citizens in Istanbul, Turkey has decided to toughen its visa policy for Pakistani nationals, local media reported on Thursday .
It comes after four Nepali citizens were abducted “at gunpoint” from Taksim Square by a group of six Pakistani nationals. According to reports, Nepalese were also tortured by these Pakistanis after being abducted.
“The Turkish government has tightened the visa policy for Pakistanis after crimes allegedly involving Pakistanis,” Arab News reported, citing Pakistani outlet Aaj News.

“The government has also stopped issuing temporary residence permits to Pakistanis,” he added.
According to the media, the kidnappers also demanded a ransom of 10,000 euros. Later, the police raided the kidnappers and they were caught and successfully arrested.
In another incident earlier, some Pakistani nationals were also arrested by Turkish authorities for protesting the ousting of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan from power. However, after intervention by Pakistani diplomats, the arrested protesters were released.
Notably, a significant number of Pakistanis live and work in Istanbul, Ankara and other major cities in Turkey. Additionally, hundreds of Pakistani citizens visit the transcontinental country every month, Arab News reported. (ANI)