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Why gratitude towards frontline workers is great during crises – onlinekhabar english news


The Covid-19 crisis has mercilessly plunged the world to be doomed to the highest level of inconvenience and greatest difficulty in all of human civilization to date. The only tool to defeat the virus is a deep self-discipline of all humans; medical science, as well as other research, advocates accordingly. However, we are obviously obsessed with finding only the government of blameworthy loathing for every action everywhere and every time. Often times, the story is told that everyone else except the government has the privilege of shying away from their responsibilities and feeling no duty to them.

Few analysts even believe the government intentionally dispels the deadliest scourge while some more romantically note that the government has intentionally underworked to curb it. Undoubtedly, the government effort is not as needed and the public can always question it. Nevertheless, one cannot interpret that he was completely lazy on her. Comparing the reckless rent-seeking attitude reflected in the inflated bills of private hospitals, the ultimate trust of citizens rests in public or state-owned hospitals.

The company must express its sincere gratitude and respect to all professionals in such a chaotic time, to the doctors and healthcare professionals who are at the forefront. Besides them, the contribution of security personnel should not be underestimated. Journalists, who tirelessly strive to update the masses, are to be well revered. Many social activists have provided invaluable assistance on different fronts. The government must coordinate well to keep them in good spirits and mobilize them effectively. The whole of society should congratulate and salute the circle showing wonderful dedication and dedication to the welfare of society and the preservation of human lives.

Who deserves gratitude?

Since the advent of this pandemic, humans around the world have surfed with a profound change in both jobs and lifestyles. Most people have confined and caged themselves internally, either by choice or by duress. “Work from home” and “virtual work systems” have turned us into an electronic tribe. Baking and academic pursuits have widely embraced digital enjoyment. Researchers found that working from home has relatively added performance optimization and efficiency. A book by Fareed Zakaria, “Ten Lessons for the Post-Pandemic World,” written no later than the climax of the first wave of Covid-19, predicted that working online, versus offline, could be just as appealing to many people, even in normal times. post-pandemic life too.

But, there are professionals who, neither by choice nor by constraint, have no concession in staying at home. They have to report to the community for work now and even later. Health and medical professionals as well as security guards are working hard to save humans from this brutal bacterial monster. Journalists too are on the front line in a very noble quest. It is never permissible to misbehave, undermine, humiliate and / or illogically indict, attempt to insubordination and non-cooperation or imitate their meaningful motives. They are fulfilling such a pious duty for society and our comfort. Despite unexpected hobbies and family time with many of us, health and safety professionals have double-duty busy schedules. Neither have family time, nor family has any guarantee of safety, nor can they be sure for a future time. In terms of doctors, even the pool of retirees is also invited to join the service. The security people have long since separated from the families. Both contribute to society and human health on a gigantic scale.

How to express gratitude?

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We are only safe because of their hard work and dedication. In the wake of the horribly weak and visibly helpless world situation, they are doing very well. However, it is shameful and inhuman to see some unethical reactions, namely unnecessary travel, blatantly flouting the official call for public and social health, to behave badly with doctors and professionals. health, etc. Presenting arrogance this way instead of friendship and friendship, which this society urgently needs, reveals the bubbles of ruinous rudeness and brazen stupidity. Such steps will be suicidal enough for his own life. Everyone should assimilate the fact.

According to a research article published in the journal ‘Scientific American Mind’ on November 6, 2012, by Emma Sepal, associate professor at Stanford University, natural disasters or other epidemiological disasters unite commoners. In times of crisis, people thrive in mutual intimacy. Deep love, trust and mutual harmony should flourish this time too.

Health and non-violence are the main goals of Eastern philosophy. Violence doesn’t just cause physical pain or abuse. Mental health attacks and anti-social behavior are the most heinous form of violence. It destroys the culture of ‘Basudhaiba Kutumbakam ‘.

When we read the story, we bow down to the people who gave their lives for the country. The terrain and format of the sacrifice for the country were very different in the past. Author Daniel Yergin’s book ‘The New Map’ says that the future will now face issues such as the environment, climate and global epidemics. So today the process of sacrifice for the betterment of the country and the society is very different. But, the desire and sacred purpose of making society more progress-oriented and more secure, by virtue of their contribution, has not changed. The contribution objective has remained the same. The passengers have changed, the routes have changed, the style of travel has changed but the destination is the same, the motive has not changed.

As a country evolves from a police state (especially a state interested in expanding borders) to a welfare state (caring for the well-being and quality of life of the public), the model of contribution to the country is also undergoing a radical change. Right now, this sacrifice is naturally triggered by health workers and security personnel. They risked their lives for the country and for society. We should bow down and express great love and gratitude to them.

Let us be disciplined and conscientious. Let’s send positive support to health and safety officers. Let us respect them and cooperate with them. Let’s try to keep their morale high. Let us not forget the fact that only their compassion and contribution will keep us safe for the rest of our lives. Let us give gratitude to the great guards who are here to garnish and eliminate this grim and grave danger and save us.

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